US Blast Mats

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July 2012 US Army EOD mat order. Moved into new office.


June 2012 Awarded US Army CENTCOM blast mitigating floor mat contract.


April 5 2012 Awarded the USMC blast mititaging floor mat contract. Best performing mats, lowest Tibia forces.


March 25 2012 We have been accepted as a member of ASTM International.



February 24 2012 We are currently working with Magna Technologies Inc to allow them to be the sole international distributor for our Blast Mats. 


January 6 2012 The custom shop is now open. Please contact us for all of you impact and blast mitigation needs.  


November 19 2011 We have recently signed teaming agreements with both Propper International Inc and Triumph Fabrications STL. The teaming agreement with Propper International is for our Blast Mitigating Floor Mats that have passed the United States Marine Corps testing for use in the MRAP family of vehicles. These mats will reduce the probability of injury to our troops during IED and land mine blasts. We have also submitted our ACH helmet pad to the U.S. Army for testing. The teaming agreement with Triumph Fabrications is for rotary winged aircraft parts manufacturing and development of impact mitigating technologies to increase aircrew survivability.